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Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe

The Federation of Chinese Professional Association in Europe (FCPAE) was established on November 21, 2001 and registered in Frankfurt, Germany. The registration number is 12689. The FCPAE’s aims are: to unite the Chinese professional associations in Europe; to maintain and protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese professionals in Europe; to provide a platform for them to network and to assist Chinese students who plan to return to China to work or start a business......

About Europe Forum

’The full name of the Europe Forum is "FCPAE Europe Forum", which was initiated and founded in Paris in 2009 by the Association of Chinese Engineers in France (AICF) and Association of Chinese Scientists and Engineers in France (ASICEF). The European Forum is held annually in the elected hosting country in Europe.

About FCPAE professional forum

Taking advantage of the professional talent resources of FCPAE, the Federation established the "FCPAE Microelectronics Professional Forum" in June 2004 and the "China-Europe Life Science Forum" (established jointly with the China Haizhi Office) in February 2015. These forums are technical professional organization for overseas Chinese in Europe.

About Innovation and entrepreneurship base

The Innovation and entrepreneurship base is established jointly by the European Federation of Chinese Professional Associations (FCPAE) and the relevant Chinese institutions and local governments. It aims to attract European technical teams and institutions to carry out innovation and research for Chinese enterprises, or to encourage overseas Chinese entrepreneurs, especially European overseas Chinese entrepreneurs to start businesses in China.

About Offices in China

FCPAE established several offices in China to assist the Federation in working with relevant domestic institutions and organizations, to assist the Federation in organizing important meetings and events in Europe or China, and in finding business and employment opportunities in China for members and overseas Chinese in Europe.