Institutions in China

FCPAE has established several institutions in China to assist the Federation in coordinating with relevant domestic institutions and organizations, in organizing important meetings and events in Europe or China, and in assisting the members FCPAE and Other overseas Chinese traveling to China for business and employment purposes.

FCPAE Offices in Beijing

Person in charge: Dr. Liu Hong’s contact: Dr. Li Zhanyun

Address: No. 12, South College Road, Haidian District, Beijing   email:

FCPAE Offices in Shanghai

Address: Shanghai East China Normal University Tel: 13641906681 


FCPAE Suzhou Office

Person in charge: Dr. Zhang Yun

Address: Suzhou High-tech Development Zone    email:

FCPAE Hangzhou Office

Person in charge: Dr. Li Li

Address: Hangzhou High-tech Development Zone     email:

FCPAE Kunming Office

Person in charge: Dr. Wan Li

Address: Kunming Hi-tech Development Zone    email: