The FCPAE Europe Forum

The FCPAE Europe Forum was founded by the Association of Chinese Engineers in France (AICF) and the Association of Chinese Scientists and Engineers in France (ASICEF) in Paris in 2009.

This annual event has been held in various cities including Paris (2009), Copenhagen (2010), Brussels (2011), Vienna (2012), The Hague (2013), Frankfurt (2014), Brussels (2015), Hiller (2016), Paris (2017), Helsinki (2018) and it is coming to Dublin in October 2019.

The FCPAE Europe Forums have welcomed thousands of attendees including local governments, enterprises, research institutes, universities and organisations within the European Union and United Nations.

At each forum, our distinguished guest speakers such as the Chinese Ambassadors of  the hosting countries, the Officials and representatives of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the EU Foreign Ministry and the governments of the hosting countries will exchange important messages and information on policy and economic development between the countries. 

Due to the success of our previous event, where we received great support and media coverage in both China and Europe, the FCPAE Europe Forum is becoming a resounding brand and it will continue to provide an important platform to make a positive impact in connecting businesses and exchanging cultural information between Europe and China.

The theme of the 11th FCPAE European Forum is “Innovation, Diversity and Co-operation”. It will be held in Dublin, Ireland on October 17th – 19th, 2019.